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Why Do Aliens Visit Our Sun?

Why Do Aliens Visit Our Sun?

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Stars are NOT what you think they are! Expecta…

Stars are NOT what you think they are! Expectation vs. Reality:

Stars, crickets, birds, whales, dolphins etc all praise the Creator

hybrid-alien: Alien Table Lamp


Alien Table Lamp

Secrets of the “Reptilian” Eye Revealed: Earth…

Secrets of the “Reptilian” Eye Revealed: Earth Is The Heart Chakra Think Green NOT Green Screens!

WWW.BROSANCHEZ.COM This video will reveal the real spiritual meaning behind thinking green and why our reality is currently given to us through green screen illusions!

hybrid-alien: Reptilians hide on Earth Huma…


Reptilians hide on Earth

Human history is a multi-level data set: the first level is what we all study at school, the second is what can be found in some archives, the third is known only to governments and intelligence organizations. But there is another level of informations to which can access only a few members of secret societies which act beyond the ties of the law. These people guard the secrets of the human history, including the knowledge of the alien races with which humans have come into contact.
You can’t expect to find official confirmations, but Fanwave had the opportunity to talk to a member of one of these organizations who has confirmed to us some of the voices that not casually from years being passed around the internet. According to our interlocutor more than leaks it would be genuine tests that periodically are carried out what kind of reaction would have the world public opinion in the case of an official announcement, announcment that would have remarkable consequences both plitically and religious.
Impossible to exhaust in just an article such a rich and complex matter, therefore we have thought beginning to speak to you about what has been reported to us on the Reptilians, for then to give you further informations on the other races. Reptilians appeared more times in the human history since the antiquity, being represented as divinities or demons from a lot of ancient civilizations from the Egyptians to the Mayas.
Native of the solar system of Thuban (known also as Alpha Draconis), 309 light-years away from Earth, Reptilians are themselves the result of genetic experiments of hybridization completed by a more ancient race, coming from another dimension, the Carians. Carians settled down in a solar system of the constellation of Orion, but where exactly this solar system is even our source didn’t known or wanted to tell us.
Arrived on Thuban the Carians gave life to hybrids with reptile beings that were evolved on the planet, coming to create the Reptilians. These beings, with a double nature, of a great intelligence, of the ability to exist in more dimensions and of an innate aggressiveness, during million of years have undertaken a real program of conquest of the Milky Way, coming into contact and often in conflict with tens of other alien races. On Earth the Reptilians have come many thousand of years ago, but they have not be confused, as it often does, with the Annunakis.
Physically the Reptilians have scaly skin but a shape and a posture similar to that of the humans (in fact they walk erect). Skilled to “camouflage”, Reptilians are endowed with a mental power that not only allows them to appear in everything similar to a human, but also to vary the “real” aspect of their own body, for instance making grow wings, bony horns and tail to the growth of their own importance. If you are thinking about dragons and devils of whom are rich the medieval codes, you have just noticed one of the signs of their presence in the history of the humanity.
What are Reptilians still present on Earth making? Substantially they are trying to condition the evolution of the human kind, to control our planet without having to lead to a further war. Not that it matters a lot given their aggressiveness, but it is suspected that Earth can be for them a sort of “resort” for sexual tourism.
Reptilians have in fact two great passions, the food and the sex, and according to what has mentioned our source the inhabitants of Earth would be pleasant to them under both the aspects. Since we don’t have any interest going in one of their underground bases, where the greatest part of them live and reproduces when they must not assume the identity of a human, to verify personally this thing, if someone among our readers is able to give us further informations to this respect, it will be welcome.

hybrid-alien: Alien painter with blue splatte…


Alien painter with blue splatter acrylic painting  by Mikeboston



Alien Table Lamp



jewelia: abductions april/may 2015



april/may 2015