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John Todd exposes his former family, the Illuminati

John Todd Collins of the Illuminati bloodline occultist family, the Collins, exposes the madness of the Illuminati after becoming a Christian. Youtube Link

Columbia The Illuminati Goddess

Original Air-Date May 1, 2005 King Solomon worshiped Asherah, Chemosh, and Moloch creating temples in the high places of Jerusalem for ritual sacrifice.

‘Humans will worship AI MESSIAH’ God Robot religion expected to boom:

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The Daily Sheeple: 

A.I God-Head Gaining Massive Following (youtube)

Shapeshifting illuminati reptilian bloodlines

The Most Popular Reptilian Video On The Internet, with Over 200,000views. Posted In April 2008 on The original Stoned Monk Youtube Channel.


You probably think this is all a coincidence huh Youtube Link

Ex-Google Executive Registers First Church of AI With IRS:

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Bernard became a financial success as a facilitator in tax avoidance
and currency exchange/money laundering for big players, including banks,
governments, multinationals, secret services, and terrorist groups.
Through his work, he came to see the connecting dots about which only the top 1% of the pyramid of global elite are privy. That top elite of 8,000 to 8,500 worship Lucifer as their god, regard people as sheep to be used, and manipulate the media so as to conceal how the world really operates.Bernard
became part of that exclusive top 1% and was invited to the elite’s
satanic church of “Eyes Wide Shut” Black Mass, naked women and drugs.

You can skip to 23:05 to see what he says about Luciferians and child sacrifices.

Nephilim – The Real “Ancient Aliens” | The Occult | Phil Fernandes, PhD

Institute of Biblical Defense (2014) – Lecture by Phil Fernandes. This video is part of ‘The Occult’ playlist: Youtube Link