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How do you control a population?

1. Control the information. (i.e. Media)

2. Control the food supply. (i.e. Walmart)

3. Control the means of violence used to enforce and/or punish. (i.e. Police)

Benjamin Fulford: Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis: undefined

Former FORBES bureau chief Benjamin Fulford. He lives in Japan and has blown the whistle on financial corruption around the world. He is well known in Japan and has garnered a lot of respect and good will among the Japanese people. Therefore he has become a kind of spokesman for the white hats in Asia. He has a LOT of good information. Check him out.

Love and Light.

Jacob Rothschild is dead! — Steemit:

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TOP: The YAKUZA’S WHITE DRAGON SOCIETY are so-called “White Hats” risking their lives for the people and fighting against the New World Order.

BOTTOM: ‘black hats” and a scourge on the human race. The history of the Khazarians, specifically the Khazarian Mafia (KM),
the World’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate that the Khazarian
oligarchy morphed into by their deployment of Babylonian Money-Magick,
has been nearly completely excised from the history books. Therefore has spent a lot of money having its
history excised from the history books in order to prevent citizens of
the World from learning about its “Evil beyond imagination”, that
empowers this World’s largest Organized Crime Cabal.

By Benjamin Fulford

White Dragon Society

Suddenly all sorts of people who dropped contact after the
March 11, 2011 Fukushima terror attack are trying to contact the White
Dragon Society (WDS) through this writer.  These include a top Yakuza
assassin, a senior MI6 operative, an NSA representative, a
representative from a new CIA faction, and others.  They, together with
our regular contacts, all agree that something big is coming.

The most colourful character to renew contact was a Mr. K, who was
introduced to this writer years ago by Japanese military intelligence as
the top assassin for the Yamaguchi-gumi mutual protection syndicate
(this was before it splintered into three factions).  The diminutive and
serene-looking Mr. K says his job consists of chopping peoples’ fingers
off, one knuckle at a time, until he extracts the information he
needs.  He then wraps the bodies in lead and dumps them in the ocean,
something Takamasa Kawase of Japanese military intelligence
independently confirmed.  Mr. K also says that he has done work for the
Mitsubishi banking conglomerate (presumably helping them locate missing

It was an associate of Mr. K, the daughter of former Yamaguchi No. 2
boss Masaru Takumi, who insisted on meeting this writer on March 10,
2011 to set my mobile alarm to ring at exactly 11:00 AM on March 11,
2011, the day of the nuclear and tsunami terror attack on Japan.

Trucks were also spotted bringing large amounts of emergency relief
supplies to the Yagamaguchi-gumi’s headquarters in the days before the
January 17, 1995 Kobe earthquake, according to Kobe residents who live
near their headquarters.  As a result, their gang was far faster than
the central government to provide relief supplies to quake-stricken
residents of Kobe.

Now Mr. K says his group has become “spiritual in nature” and that starting in late October,

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