Friendly reminder that book squip gets Jeremy to do push ups by encouraging him and telling him jokes

While they watch reality tv together


unpopular opinion

book Jeremy is a better character then musical Jeremy. Not a better person, but a way better character. Should I expand on this?

I kinda wanna expand on this


honestly nobody brings up how book Jeremy had two divorce lawyers as parents and called himself a ‘child of divorce’ as a joke, and then musical Jeremy actually got parents who are presumably divorced, like that’s fucked up

They sit atop a fallen world.

Author, Screenwriter, YouTuber and Hollywood whistle blower Tiffany FitzHenry joins me to discuss the deep state, the fallen state of the world – and those who sit atop all of it.

Child predation services.

Putting a chip in your brain will not make you a superhero (or a god).

Baal is back. Demons in the deep state.


don’t forget that in the book jeremy sold beanie babies to pay for his squip

[Stolen beanie babies]