When I say I hate Kylo Ren

I don’t hate badass TFA Kylo Ren who seemed like he was following a more Kotor like Vader storyline or clearly emotionally stunted and manipulated Ben Solo. The Ben Solo who clearly regretted killing his father and in the novel was said to feel even worse and more conflicted. I thought that was a well written anti villain who I would enjoy seeing more of. Clearly his fall to the dark side was at a young age, a child probably. I’m actually a massive fan of Kylo Ren’s storyline in TFA and thought it was well executed.

I hate mentally unhinged, feel sorry for me because I’m mad at nothing crybaby Kylo Ren. Seriously the dude is 30. 30! And he’s going through adolescent troubles and moral conflicts? The dude decided to become the Star Wars version of a school shooter at like 24. Does he turn good? Nope. He kills Snoke anti climatically then just goes even crazier. I actually don’t understand why any shippers like TLJ Kylo Ren, it’s like a bad fan fiction that takes away everything endearing about a character, makes him into the main villain then has him make a cry face every five minutes. And I’m a fan of Adam Driver, but I can’t even follow his tag cause everyone stans Kylo nut forgets he’s a villain. You can like villains, fuck wads without making their actions right! I love the Joker but I think he’s a sick child killing fuck who deserves to die. Doesn’t mean I won’t watch or read him in every piece of material till the end of time.

When I say I hate Rose Tico

I don’t hate the underdog Resistance mechanic who along with her bomber sister, was going to do her part in fighting the First Order and be a welcoming addition to the new trio like Lando was the the original. I was seriously excited to see Her.

Instead I get an angry, forced Jar Jar Tico who’s main story arc takes place away from the central story, on some random casino planet that’s message I could get from any grade school understanding of the world while calling the sole black man/use to be male lead a coward the whole film, forgetting he helped come up with the plan that destroyed the last movie’s super weapon then fought space neo nazies. I actually personally love Kelly Marie Tran, I just think her character was wasted and pray for Episode 9.

When I say Finn was wasted

I don’t mean the male lead of TFA, the first Stormtrooper to show a real personality, child soldier, who risked his life to find his own freedom and save the known galaxy and ended up in a coma for it. Not that Finn. This Finn is by far the most complex and rich Star Wars character in the new canon and TFA left him with more storylines and adventures even in his coma.

I mean this Finn…what is this?! Pushed to a supporting role. Forced to be embarrassed and pointless. If you can name one thing that mattered in his story arc I’ll never post anything hateful again…I’m lying but still. He already learned about being brave and truthful. What happened about his past? His brothers and sisters? The family he’ll never know? Why does he share close to no scenes with Rey and Poe? Why does he get nothing to do? Even his outfit isn’t even that original. It’s just blatant disrespect for the character and actor.

When I say Fuck Rian Johnson

I mean it. Fuck this asshole. Every interview, every tweet and post actually makes me want to fight. It’s like arguing with flat earth people.

  • Gets His very own trilogy before even having a story. Says he’s having problems because what is Star Wars without the falcon or skywalkers. It’s called Knights of the Old Republic. Like do you star wars, bro?
  • Calls Kylo relatable but says he doesn’t know how to relate to Finn…That speaks volumes in itself.
  • Says he wrote and based Rose of a woman who wouldn’t feel right in star wars and didn’t belong
  • He actually ignores Han Solo and the original trio’s relationship with him
  • He refuses to admit any fault or even saying he could have done better.

Like what?! Everyone admits they could’ve done better. JJ does, the big man Lucas himself does! And I want you all to know this man has the most power and creative control out of all ther SW directors right now.

When I say I blame Kathleen Kennedy

Is because she is the cause of all this! The debates, the headaches, directors getting hired and fired left and right, all the political agendas. It’s her! Yet she’s not on the sets, not in the writing room. Doesn’t read the lore. Just like Rian Johnson.

People don’t hate the new series because Rey is a woman lead

People don’t hate TLJ cause it’s “different”

People don’t hate all the bull shit surrounding Star Wars just to bitch and moan. We hate are complaining cause we’re all the fans who are PAYING for it and some of us kept it alive when it was just some fucking comics and old games

Ahsoka Tano strong badass Jedi character who just happened to be female

Knights of the old republic 2 a game with a deconstruction of the Star Wars themes and messages we had been taught. The game is very different but loved even with its flaws.

Finn a morally conflicted ex First Order member who’s journey of self realization finds him redemption

Luke Skywalker the orphan from nothing who grew to be a heroic legend

The Force Awakens had too much of the same or fan service at times but it provided us with a new platform and content that bridged together 3 generations

We hate TLJ not because it’s different, but because it’s unoriginal and toxic and wasted potential

John Brisson | Fixing Your Gut, Food Medicine, & Reclaiming Your Health | The Higherside Chats

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Illuminati Billionaire Sell-Out Warren Buffet …

Illuminati Billionaire Sell-Out Warren Buffet EXPOSED !!! Jay Z’s Illuminati Pal!

The Illuminati have all the control over the money systems of this world. They own the Federal Reserve that creates a fiat currency and keep nations enslaved to debt. In this video I expose Warren Buffet as a person who sold his soul for $$$ !!! God Bless

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Trump’s Trojan Horse (Q Anon)

Trump’s Trojan Horse (Q Anon)

Patriots need to have faith man. Trump & our military/intel white hats have full control over this 2nd American revolution. They are doing their part & we need to continue to do ours. According to Q Anon, our job is to open our eyes and BE the calm DURING the storm. When people freak out because of the Omnibus spending or Mueller or any multitude of “events” just remember, there are major psyops…

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Watch Free – Cosmic Disclosure: New Discoveries of the Ancient Builder Race:

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Mind Secrets Exposed 2.0: The Art and Science of Getting What Your Want
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Especially interesting research about how ancient people treated stone, and how comfortable they…

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