Ex-Scotland Yard detective Jon Wedger blows …

Ex-Scotland Yard detective Jon Wedger blows whistle on paedophiles.

Former Scotland Yard detective talks to ex BBC and ITV reporter Anna Brees about a child prostitution cover up in central London and how he was bullied when he tried to expose it.

Mysterious figure caught in Russian cosmonau…

Mysterious figure caught in Russian cosmonaut’s helmet in “outer space”.

There are a number of strange anomalies regarding different space agencies. One of the less known examples is a reflection of what looks like a scuba diver in a Russian cosmonauts helmet. There are also anomalies in regards to official pictures recorded by NASA of the moon passing Earth. But perhaps one of the most strangest examples is from the European Space Agency where in a live stream the planet earth disappears.

How are they all connected?

How are they all connected?

So I just finished the first season of “Rapunz…

And I’m very surprised this series hasn’t found greater popularity than it has. Maybe it’s just how they marketed it cuz from the promotional material I saw a couple of years ago I just assumed it was for a pretty young audience (like 6-10 year olds), but guys the writing and character development are friggin fantastic!

And I’m not just taking about the villian’s arc (even though that bit is also excellent and some of the best hero-to-villain writing I’ve seen in a children’s program), I’m really impressed with how they wrote Rapunzel in this series. Her naivety and optimism are not presented as character flaws, but they are presented as something she needs to grow and develop from as she matures into a woman.

It’s really really neat to see her struggle with uncertainty and indecision; to see her forced to make a choice even when there is no “Right Answer” to the scenario she’s in.

I feel like this series took some of the criticism of Disney princess movies to heart and instead of tearing down the tropes, they developed them as characters.

• We’ve wanted a more mature Disney princess story: they made this one a series, so the princess has the time to grow and develop over the course of it.

• We’ve wanted a more diverse cast of characters: they went one step further and actually made each of them distinct, memorable, and likable.

• We’ve wanted a more nuanced and sympathetic Disney villain and oh, boy did they give us a doozy!

Guys, it even has unapologetic singing in it! Like real, old school, Broadway-inspired disney musical numbers. (My only complaint here is that they always seem too short to me)

I also really like the worldbulding and low-key steampunk asthetic it has going on. Like the kingdom of Corona and the surrounding lands were probably once more technologically advanced than they are now, and it’s possible to regain that kind of golden age.

My hope for this series is that it continues to develop Rapunzel into a competent and wise leader, that more will be explored of the mysteries of this world and it’s characters, and that the villian will get a shot at redemption at some point (seriously by the time you realize he’s gonna be the bad guy you understand his motivation so well it’s almost painful).

I highly recommend this series if your a fan of old-school disney princess movies, but you do want to see the medium develop some more modern sensibilities in a way that’s not cynical or insulting to what came before. This sequel really does bring something fresh, and I can’t wait to see more…

Does anyone know when season 3 comes out?????

Social credit comes to US shores: consumers de…

Social credit comes to US shores: consumers denied services based on shadowy “security ratings”: undefined

Congressional testimony from Clinton era rev…

Congressional testimony from Clinton era reveals paedophile blackmail network.

Facebook said it wasn’t listening to your conv…

Facebook said it wasn’t listening to your conversations. It was.: undefined

Transhumanism: from MK-Ultra to Google

Transhumanism: from MK-Ultra to Google: undefined

kawacy: Elsa is the strongest Disney princess….


Elsa is the strongest Disney princess.

Rapunzel: Hold my frying pan



“One of the things people go about is “Hitler was the worst”. And I go “OK, but why was he the worst in your world?” And they say “Because he killed 6 million Jews.” We all still grapple with that today. It’s horrendous. Then I ask the question “How many people did Cecil John Rhodes kill? How many Africans did Leopold kill?” And the answer is always “Scores. Many”. And that is one of the most painful things. The Black lives weren’t even counted. There were mass graves, they were never counted even in death. The only time Black people were counted in death was when they were traded as slaves, and that was because they were seen as a commodity.”

— Trevor Noah